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My name is Sarah and I am a SNHD licensed professional permanent makeup artist in the Las Vegas area.  I have worked in various areas of the medical field starting at the age of 17 and became driven with my artistic ability to become a PMU artist and Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist.  I have always loved working in different medical settings but felt as if I wasn’t doing enough to make a difference.  Why did I start doing permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation?  Some women have never heard of scalp micropigmentation, but it is my daily motivation. 

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More About Me

As I inevitably started getting older, I noticed my hair was starting to thin out in various areas.  I was left with always wearing my hair down and feeling insecure about the bald spots that would show through when I pulled my hair up in a ponytail.  I started looking into different solutions and stumbled upon scalp micropigmentation.  At first, I thought the idea of tattooing my scalp was a bit extreme, but the more I researched it, the more I discovered when using the right technique, it can look very natural and really fill out the areas to create the appearance of more hair density.  I realized that not only was this something I wanted done on my own scalp, but something I got excited about and I wanted to help others with as well.  I now focus on helping other women who might be suffering from the insecurities associated with thinning hair.  I realize how common this problem is becoming and I want to help women feel more confident every day.  I understand that most women who are suffering with thinning hair on their eyebrows or scalp don’t really want to walk into a loud tattoo shop to discuss their options which is why I chose to create my own suite setting where women would feel relaxed in. 


My goal is to create an atmosphere for my clients to feel comfortable asking questions and know they are given the knowledge needed to make an informed decision by answering any questions you may have during our private consultation. 

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