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Pigment Removal/ Lightening

  • 1 h
  • 145 US dollars

Service Description

Pigment removal is a very similar process to pigment application. The PMU machine is used to reopen the hairstrokes or powder brow area and a saline salt solution is implanted rather than pigment. The saline is used to help pull the pigment to the surface of the skin as the healing process begins. Although no one ever wants to have to go through the removal process, this is the least invasive way to remove pigment as lasers and surgical removal will also remove the natural hairs and cause scarring in many instances. The saline removal process allows the technician to get into every hairstroke or pigmented section precisely without destroying the hair follicles or damaging the skin causing scar tissue. Pigment removal is done in sessions as each time more pigment will come to the surface until the desired result is achieved. It can only be done every 8 weeks, no exceptions, as the skin needs time to heal. In most instances, desired results can be obtained in 2-5 sessions and then can be covered with new permanent makeup application if desired. Although the pigment can be lightened in most situations, it is important to note that this process will not help with trauma and scarring that has occurred because of previous microblading.

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